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    About Flow Wrappers

    Syntegon horizontal flow wrapping machines apply technology to achieve package quality and operation efficiency. Even their entry level flow wrapper features full servo technology for precise operation and fast changeover. Syntegon wrappers, automatic infeeds, and software features save you labor and increase wrapper machine uptime. They are used in a variety of industries and are known for being a fast and relatively inexpensive method of primary packaging. Wrappers come in many styles, speeds and configurations.

    The first consideration in choosing a wrapper is the style of wrap that you want for your product. Whether it be die-folded, flo-wrapped, hand-fed or fully automated we can help you.

    Wrapper Models

    Pack 102
    The Pack 102 horizontal flow wrapper is an entry-level wrapper that offers the widest product size range currently available on a flow wrapper in its class. It replaces the former entry-level wrapper, the Doboy Stratus, and offers improved flexibility and user friendliness. It is ideal for small- to mid-sized businesses needing a flexible solution that accommodates multiple products.

    View more information here.

    Pack 202
    A large variety of mid-range, multi-purpose applications are covered by the Pack 202 wrapper. The wrapper is perfect for products such as soft bakery items, trays, candy, biscuit stacks and other food and non-food items that require mid-range speed. To address markets where flexibility and fast changeovers are required, the machine uses servo controls and pre-programmable recipes. Mechanical adjustments are easy to make and are repeatable. The infeed, finwheels and cutting head are cantilevered for sanitation and a stainless steel execution is available for applications requiring higher-level sanitation such as frozen and chilled food.

    View more information here.

    Pack 301
    The Pack 301 combines the two proven technologies behind the inverted and long dwell flow wrappers to create one machine capable of gentle product handling and hermetically sealed seams. The inverted long dwell wrapper features a consistent seal time independent of the machine's product flow. This guarantees an air-tight seal even during ramp up and down periods for extended product shelf life and less waste.

    The Pack 301 is particularly ideal for the packaging of fresh produce, soft products, pharamaceuticals, multi-packs, meat and dairy, as well as other products that are difficult to handle using a traditional upright flow wrapper or require Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). Long dwell sealing times of up to one second ensure heretically sealed packages.

    View more information here.

    Pack 403
    The Pack 403 horizontal flow wrapper extends the performance of Doboy wrappers to speeds up to 80 meters per minute, by combining proven technology and application know-how from packaging companies around the world. It marks the next generation of packaging machines that are available globally and supported locally.New features on the Pack 401 provide a high degree of reliability and efficiency. The latest technology in gap control results in consistent and precise seal integrity. A standard dual spindle backstand with power feed roller allows for full automation, providing improved splicing, cutting, auto tracking and tight cut offs.

    View more information here.

    Flow Wrapper Examples

    Horizontal Wrap

    2 UP Cutting Head

     Automatic Infeed

    Wrapper Basics

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    Film Layout Drawing and Film Printing Possibilities
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