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About Corrugated Machinery

Corrugated machinery refers to any machine that handles a corrugated case. These includes case erectors, case packers, tray formers, tray packers, multipackers and other assorted machinery.

Elematic 3001

Elematic 3001 WA / WAH Wraparound Case Packer

The Elematic 3001 is a particularly easy and ergonomic wrap-around case packer. It handles mid-size and big products. The open machine design following TPM standards supports production. Due to the lowerater principle the Elematic 3001 has a great format and pack style flexibility. Format changeovers can be realized fast and easy thanks to the Elematic click® system.

Variable up to 30 Cases per minute

For more information on Syntegon case packing equipment, click here.

Case Packing Machinery

Case Erector Machinery

ME 15-T Case Erector

The Massman – Elliott ME 15-T  tape case erector is a small footprint erector operating at speeds up to 15 Cases/Minute. Superior case squaring, fully guarded interlock access doors, robust construction, CAT 3 safety and service behind the sale are just a few benefits of this machine.

Tray Shrink Machinery

Massman's LLC website


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