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    About VFFS Machines


    Bosch is the largest manufacturer of vertical form fill and seal machines (VFFS) in the World. We offer two main groups: Continuous motion (SVE) and Intermittent motion (SVI). Within those groups there are two flat bag widths available; 250 mm (10 in) and 380 mm (15 in). They are used in a variety of industries and are commonly used for free flowing dry products.Bag types produced on these machines come in many styles and configurations including pillow, block bottom, gusseted, and zipper.


    Continuous Motion
    *up to 200 bpm

    Intermittent Motion
    *up to 120 bpm

    10” (250 mm) wide bag

    SVE 2510

    SVI 2510

    15” (380 mm) wide bag

    SVE 3800

    SVI 3800

    *Speeds are product and film dependent

    Review this section if your needs include baggers that are vertical form fill and seal machines, SVE, SVI, pillow bag type, block bottom bag type, gusseted bag type, zipper bag type, VFFS, continuous motion, and intermittent motion.


    Continuous Motion

    SVE 3620 WR
    SVE 2510 AB
    SVE 3822
    SVE 1800 MR
    SVE 2510 TW

    Sample SVE Series 2510 & 3800


    Industrial PC based color touch screen

    • On-screen fault indication
    • Intuitive Operator
      Interface (HMI)
    • Enhanced maintenance
      and diagnostic capabilities
    • On-screen manual and
      parts research support
    • 100 package recipe storage

    Pneumatic activated film spindles

    • Fast/simple roll changeover

    Open frame design

    • Minimized componentry
    • Easy access for production
      and maintenance personnel
    • Room to add on options

    Superior film handling capabilities

    • Continuous motion
      film draw-off
    • Vacuum driven film pull belts
      to eliminate friction and ensure
      accurate film control
    • Servo driven for
      precise control

    Enhanced electrical safety features for
    added safety and arc flash compliance

    • Category 3 safety rating
    • Active safety interlocks
    • Remote connection for added
      safety and arc flash compliance

    Highest quality tooling

    • Fully machined tubes
      provide the highest degree
      of precision and durability
    • Designed for changeover


    • Sealing options
    • Film supply options
    • Operating environment options
    • Integration options
    • Product control options

    SVE Series Technical Data

    The machinery shown herein may have had guards removed for illustrative purposes. NEVER operate this machinery without all guards in place and all safety features in original working condition. ALWAYS refer to the operator’s
    manual, or contact Bosch Packaging–Vertical for additional information. Specifications subject to change without notice. The illustrations and drawings are intended for general information only.
    For definite specifications and data please ask for a quotation. Technical information is subject to change without notice.

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