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Robotics Information

Our robotics section features robots, pick and place machines, top loaders, infeed, and feed placers.

With today's complex packaging needs and tight turnaround requests, the advanced product handling capabilities unique to robotics have never been in higher demand. Performing countless hours of repetitive motion, our Delta Parallel Axis Robot can handle a variety of packaging functions with speed and accuracy. This unique concept saves both space and money. Lightweight and compact, the unit has few replacement parts and houses its motor in its stationary base structure, giving the robot a sleek, streamlined appearance.

Products packed with robotics:

Contact us to obtain more info about any particular robotics machine.

Principles of Operation

Offering much more flexibility than conventional robotics, the mobile structure of a Delta Robot resembles an upside down tripod. The segments are not in succession as is typical with conventional robots. Instead the segments form three closed loops, called joint plan polygons. This kind of robotics is called parallel axis robotics where all joints of a loop are dependent on each other and therefore each joint has the ability to change the position of the entire polygon structure. With this kind of polygon structure, an actuator is not required at every joint, and in addition, the actuators can be located in fixed positions and do not have to move with the structure. This results in the removal of all large masses from the moving structure, and the Delta Robot arms are able to move at exceptional accelerations: up to 10 times the speed of gravity.

End Effectors

Tiny vacuum-held grippers precisely place virtually any product in trays and other containers, significantly reducing labor costs. With the many advantages, payback is often less than a year. Below is a variety of photos of end effectors. End effectors are for picking up products via vacuum (air) which is the way most products are pick by robots.

This photos shows a typical robot picking up multiple items and placing them into a top load carton (aka a tray with a lid or a tri seal carton)

Line Layouts

This is a possible production line layout for a top load and an end load product:

Click Here for a larger image.

Possible Pharma layout using a robot to feed a flow wrapper

Click Here for a larger image.

Another possible layout using a robot to feed trays:

Click Here for a larger image.

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