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Bag Closing

About Bag Closing


Many industries use preformed bags for their products. Once the product is loaded into the bag it must be closed (or sealed). This is where Bay Area Packaging can help you. We offer a full line of bag closing machinery that will seal, crimp, fold, and Doboy Packaging Machinery glue or pinch just about any bag you can come up with.

Review this section is your needs include bag closing, bag sealing, bag sealer, heat sealer, heat sealing hand sealer, HS-B, HS-C, medical sealer, or band sealers.

Heat Sealing Equipment

Doboy HS-CII
The Doboy HS-CII series plastic bag sealer is a portable hand band sealer machine, which offers exceptional value in product packaging performance. The HS-CII portable band sealer seals unsupported plastic films such as low density poly / LLDPE and HDPE. A plastic bag sealer that delivers a consistent, high-quality seal for a wide variety of product packages.

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Doboy CBS-D 750 Mid-range continuous band sealer
The CBS-D 750 band sealer provides industrial performance at an economic price. Built to the same high standards as our larger machines, the CBS-D 750 features a robost AC motor drive and heat sealing system that precisely seals a wide range of bag materials and formats at high speeds. A full range of styles and options allow you to configure the CBS-D 750 to meet your specific needs.

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Doboy CBS-D 1500
The Doboy CBS-D 1500 is a high-quality continuous band sealer intended for multiple packaging shift applications or where package sealing requirements are more demanding. The CBS-D 1500 has 15" of heating bar length and provides continuous heat sealing capacity up to 1200"/minute. Other outstanding sealer features include toolless band changing and single point heating and cooling bar adjustment, thermally isolated heat and cool bars, digital temperature controls, and rugged plate and tubing construction. A wide variety of heat sealer options are available from coders to bag top trimmers. The CBS-D 1500 continous heat sealer is available in right to left and left to right configurations and both horizontal and vertical bag presentations.

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Glue Sealers

Doboy GS-1000 Series
A most advanced bag gluer, the GS-1000, is the logical choice when high-speed packaging production is required. With sealing capacity of up to 75 bags per minute, the GS-1000 is ideal for any automatic packaging line. The GS-1000 features a patented sealer folder design that is virtually jam proof. The fully adjustable folders are spring-loaded and manufactured from plate steel for rugged dependability.

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Medical Sealers

Doboy CBS-D 750M
Designed to meet the medical packaging industry validation requirements for sanitary and sterile applications, the Doboy CBS-D 750M medical sealer regulates and displays temperatue, pressure, and speed. The result is a secure, hermetic seal essential for medical pouches and other sanitary packaging. With all these medical heat sealers, support is provided for qualification and validation.

Operating at speeds up to 1000 inches per minute (depending on film thickness), the CBS-D 750M addresses a wide range of medical heat sealing packaging requirements. The machine can seal medical polyethylene, foils, paper/polyester and TyvekTM / Mylar film.

To assure quality seals, all major sealing functions are controllable and validatable. Quality manufacturing and design ensure hermetic seal integrity.

This medical sealer is constructed of stainless steel, QPQ Melonite and other coate materials, the Doboy CBS-D 750M band sealer meets the demanding requirements of sanitary and sterile applications, including most corrosive and wet areas.

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Doboy CBS-D 1500M
The Doboy CBS-D 1500M is a high quality industrial duty medical heat sealer. Intended for multiple shift medical packaging operations or demanding medical sealing applications, the Doboy CBS-D 1500M features comprehensive controls and diagnostics to satisfy stringent FDA standards. All Doboy CBS-D 1500M band sealers feature stainless steel guards, enclosures, and elevating stands. Special attention has been given to assure sanitary design and reliable continous band sealer operation at speeds up to 1,200 inches per minute.

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