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Metal Detectors

Safeline Metal Detection and X-Ray Inspection

About Metal Detectors

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  1. Safeline is the number one brand of metal detectors, trusted by more food processors than any other worldwide. (We are recommended by many major companies)
  2. Safeline produces more metal detectors than our next 3 and 4 competitors combined. (We get more practice to make a great detector)
  3. The Safeline detector is designed to be user serviceable. (The quick change module can be replaced by anyone and the detector remembers all its factory settings and all the product information the user has entered. It needs no factory technician to get running in an emergency)
  4. Safeline will remove more metal contaminants with the highest sensitivity available. (This is in PRODUCTION not is our lab, we eliminate false rejects.)
  5. Safeline detectors are proven to withstand the harshest environments and high pressure wash down situations.
  6. We offer “guaranteed performance” or a complete refund. (There is no risk switching to Safeline)
  7. Safeline has the largest service network in the industry based strategically to reduce response time.
  8. Long term cost of ownership is less with Safeline; we find the average cost of maintaining a Safeline metal detector is about $400.00 per year after the warranty period, regardless of how old the detector is.
  9. Safeline still offers repair for our oldest (25 years) metal detectors. We have never declared any detector “obsolete” and unsupportable.
  10. 24 hour/7 days a week parts and service helpline

Metal Detectors

Profile Advantage Metal Detectors
Information about the Profile Advantage Metal Detectors can be found in this PDF brochure.

View more information here.

Signature Metal Detector

Metal Detectors

Metal Detection Safeline offers a full line of metal detectors for conveyor-fed, gravity-flow, vertical, pipeline and pharmaceutical applications. All units feature advanced, microprocessor technology with digital signal processing to maximize detection sensitivity while minimizing false rejects.


Rectangular Rectangular Aperture Metal Detectors For conveyed products
Metal Detectors Gravity Flow Metal Detectors For powdered and bulk products
Vertical Vertical Packaging Metal Detectors ZMFZ Detector
Pipeline Pipeline Metal Detectors For pumped products
Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors For tablets and capsules
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